Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question regarding our service, please browse below before contacting us

What is a Crypto Mixer?

Bitcoins, Ethereums, Tethers and other cryptocurrencies are based on public-blockchain transactions which are chained together in a permanent public record. Your crypto can easily be traced from your wallet to any other wallet address. It's then easy for someone to spy on you, by looking at your transactions. Our mixing service can be used to mix your funds with other customers' ones. It will result in breaking the direct link between your previous funds and your new anonyme funds. Therefore, TheCryptoMixer helps you to gain privacy of your cryptocurrencies transactions.

What logs are kept?

Our cryptocurrencies mixer do not store any logs of your visit, not even your IP. All the details related to orders are deleted after 24 hours, but can also delete by yourself.

How can I contact you?

Simply use our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible. It takes us usually few hours to reply depending of the emergency, but within 24 hours at the latest. As we provide the best possible support, we answer to every single message.

What are the mixers' fees?

The fees are up to you ! Fees start at 1% up to 5%, depending on how legitimate source you want your mixed cryptocurrencies to be from.

How long does the mixing process takes?

You can, and you have to set-up a delay for your transacton. It can go from 10 minutes to 5 hours. For a secure mixing process we would recommend you to set-up a 1 hour delay at least.

Do you comply with KYC?

TheCryptoMixer has a no KYC policy, we will never ask you any information to release your coins. Also, our website is hosted in a no KYC country so we don't have to reply to KYC requests (and we don't !).

What is a Letter of Guarantee?

This guarantees that the displayed Wallet Address to deposit your coins really belongs to us.

How can I verify my Letter of Guarantee?

Most wallets allow you to verify signed messages.
With Electrum, for example, click on "Tools->Encrypt/Decrypt message". Enter the message and signature given by the Letter of Guarantee.

Why should I use random delay/fees?

Having random fees and delays makes impossible the blockchain analysis for anyone trying to establish a link between the input and output mixer addresses.

What is an Affiliate Link?

It is a Link (dedicated URL) to our Website that is register to your Wallet Address (Bitcoin/Ethereum/Tether). Whenever a customer comes to our website using that link, a comission of his mixes is send to your wallet.
Find more info about our affiliate program here.